How do i do this?

When I started out as mortgage advisors I thought my job was just getting our clients the best rate…

Boy was I wrong!

Our banking system is unique and fast changing; bank staff even find it hard to keep up.

What I discovered is getting a great interest rate is easy, but first my clients needed to be approved for what they want to borrow.

Most of my clients come to us with big dreams and a big loan request to match. They have done the calculations and in their eyes they can afford it…

However the banks don’t see it like that.

Did you know the banks test your affordability at a much higher interest rate?

Did you know that they will discount any rent received, using only 75% of your rent?

Did you know the banks have a minimum level of expenses that they use to judge if you can afford your mortgage?

How much depends on the bank and your family.

My clients might come to me wanting the best rate, but as we work together I help you to get approved, get a great rate put in place the right structures, right protection, and pay off your loan faster by showing you what the banks don’t want you to see.